Interview with Antonio García Rouco, Kapital Empresas for Radio Kanal Barcelona

“GDS Modellica is a risk management software company, focused on making business processes more intelligent by using decision management techniques, artificial intelligence and Big Data”, says Antonio García Rouco, managing director of GDS Modellica, appearing on the show ‘Kapital Empresas’ on Radio Kanal Barcelona. With headquarters in Dallas, the company has been operating for more than 15 years on five continents. Their added value lies in their innovation, sticking close to the market and decision architecture, customer approach and handling, going a step further through the conversion of data for decision-making and ensuring that everything is implemented simply and intuitively.
GDS Modellica, as the managing director went on to explain, “is mainly orientated towards the financial and insurance sectors and looks to help its customers make decisions by implementing complex technological processes which are intuitive to use; Although, these techniques could be applied to any type of business and it’s becoming a growing trend”. However, with regard to the use of new technology in the business world, he added, “we’re not ready right now. Although, if we see a change in mentality towards the use of new technologies and data as a means of making decisions, then from there, we think it would be something unstoppable which we would have to adapt to in the early years and rapidly integrate new technologies within businesses in order to be competitive.”
Certainly, as García Rouco explained to RKB, “we’re facing a change in cycle regarding the digital transformation and also a generational change, whereby if you want to be competitive on the market, you need to be quick to make decisions, innovative and know how to adapt to new technologies”. With respect to the evolution of the banking sector, he continued, “There are banks that already operate using mobile phones or the internet without human intervention in the operations that machines do, using complex algorithms that are capable of deciding whether or not to give someone a credit card, with what conditions and limits, with the aim of preventing potential fraud. This is the trend. I don’t think the traditional bank is going to disappear, but it’s true that the digital bank is taking on a greater share of the work because of the speed that the market demands.
The managing director of GDS Modellica concluded his interview with ‘Kapital Empresa’ on RKB looking at his own company. “It’s going to be a good year for the development of responsible banks and, therefore, responsible credit, as well as the development of new technologies which will provide support for the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that has recently just come into force, which are going to grow on the market and which are going to be adopted by banks. Also, as well as continuing to make business processes more intelligent when making decisions, we will go further in developing intelligent interfaces that facilitate conversation between human and machine and, finally, everything related to the cloud, big data, etc. Those will be our three key areas of focus for 2020.”
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