New office opening!

GDS Modellica is pleased to announce the opening of a new floor in Madrid (Spain). Thanks to our efforts the company is rising, which has allowed the expansion of it. It is a pleasure and a pride to share with all of you this great news.
Last Thursday, June 20th, 2019, GDS Modellica has inaugurated an office floor located on Avenida de Filipinas. Our company is growing in an exponential way, as well as our space needs. With this new acquisition we are also remodeling our image, modernizing it.
This new floor is spacious (180 m2) and bright. It has a lot of windows, which provides the office with abundant natural light. It has a large meeting room –Sala Cristal-, a lot of workplaces and a rest area. We cannot forget the amount of details it has, such as five clocks showing the hour of all the places where you can find our offices. The style of this floor is totally different from the offices we have.
This new office will provide the company with numerous advantages and opportunities. Furthermore, it will help to expand the workflow and improve the B2B relation. Its great design and ample space make possible to host events, meetings with clients,etc. The organization of meetings, conferences will be possible thanks to its large and technological meeting room
GDS Modellica´s doors are open to all its partners, customers, and to any entity that wants to progress with us!
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