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Website Design is a constant driver of digital innovation and creativity. Nowadays it’s an essential environment where businesses, and even more those focused on digital services or products, need to have a strong and reliable presence, where it can show its potential among competitors and, more important, get closer and more accessible to possible customers.
GDS Modellica is constantly seeking for renewal, modernization and awareness on the newest technological discoveries and trends. Thanks to this stepping-forward culture, GDS Modellica is now releasing an updated – brand new version – of its webpage.
While keeping information simple, GDS Modellica has developed a website based on One-page design, filtering its services and products in 3 different blocks: “Solutions”, “Technology” and “Decisions as a Service”. Inside these pages an explanation can be found about the wide range of different uses of GDS Modellica´s products, aimed to serve diverse companies with different needs.
Furthermore, this new website will also display a page for “About Us” section, including important information regarding the company, the different Modellica´s “Job offers”, and an introduction of each category of product and services. Moreover a new “Insights” page has been created, where the visitors can read interesting news or articles, company tweets, or even download Brochures and Infographic explanations of the different products and services.
Web designing process can be limited by the use of technologies or tools and their development, showing similarities between different companies’ websites; losing their originality and leadership image. Stepping out of the box, GDS Modellica’s new design is innovative; “sticky-to-top” menu is removed to settle a “bubble” fixed on all site, leading access to the menu anywhere and making this new version an easy-to-navigate website.
From functionality to details, the whole new website is designed to represent the most technological and creative face of the company, proving its ability to lead innovation and to represent a game changer in the Credit Risk Management industry.
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