Taxonomy of the Top 250 Fintech Start-ups

GDS Modellica
Generally, lists of “top trends” are published at the beginning or end of the year to attract readers. But sometimes there are exceptions. This October, CB Insights, a global database and business analyst company, has released a very detailed report on the top 250 fintech companies in the world.

Even if it is just a bit of fun, it is worth taking a look at the veritable soup of logos arranged in 19 different verticals. The full report, which customers and business users can see here, is not somebody’s vague opinion. This is the result of a rigorous analysis of 12,500 companies according to multiple criteria and a compilation of more than 2,000 reviews by those who aspired to feature on the list.

At GDS Modellica, we wanted to take this list and the accompanying data and represent this data visually. This information includes how many new players there are compared to established firms; the still small but unstoppable fragmentation in a global world; the increase in Business-to-business (B2B) over Business-to-consumer (B2C); which categories or verticals are most represented; or trends in company finance.

At this point, we will leave the words to one side and let the images do the talking. We hope that you find this enriched format easy to digest and that it provides you with a clear insight into current trends in the sector.
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