The 10 Benefits of Digital Banking

As we have looked previously, the technological advances made in recent decades have had a significant impact on the financial system and will continue to do so into the future. As a result, the financial sector has had to adapt to this “new era” where data is everything. In the context of banking, “data” means any and all information relating to credit cards, balances, accounts, account types or anything else relating to customer finances. This has led to the emergence of apps and platforms that synchronise all this information, allowing users and banking organisations to develop an ever-closer relationship.
According to Antonio García Rouco, managing director of GDS Modellica, Digital Banking “makes it possible to offer users a high-quality, personalised service to increase their confidence in organisations and satisfy customer demands for mobility, speed and personalisation”. By using apps, today we can process and evaluate data that allows us to find out customers’ real needs. Then, we can offer them services or information about productions or services that might interest them depending on their circumstances.
It’s a complete win-win: better use of time for the user and a greater chance of cross-sales for the bank.
Financial Technology has benefited from innovations such as Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, the Internet of Things and Blockchain to provide services to a new user profile, one which is more and more used to digital transactions and visits a physical branch much less. The ten benefits of financial technology for users are shown in the accompanying infographic.
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