The Change of an Era That Sets the New Reality for the Banking Industry

Some see him as a revolutionary, some see him as an icon of pacifism and others focus more on his politics. But whichever side you most identify with, the fact is that very few people haven’t heard of Mahatma Gandhi. Even today, he and his words can still teach us an important lesson: “Those people who are not prepared to make small reforms will never be among the ranks of men committed to transcendental changes”.
This quote by the Hindu thinker and lawyer is perfectly applicable to the banking industry. We are currently going through a period of small reforms that are just the prelude to some of the most transcendental changes that the sector has seen in centuries. And the only way to be among the “ranks” of those who are committed to them is to be completely ready to make those “small reforms” that are currently shaping open banking. Again, like the figure of Gandhi, it could well be said that the transformation of the banking industry is something quite revolutionary and that there will be no peace for the ones who embark on the journey. But who wants peace in business? Any business that seeks peace is doomed to fail.
Today, we take a look at data from two recent surveys. The first survey relates to the expected behaviour of banking consumers, which is becoming a frequent topic because just last month we produced an infographic with a very similar theme. The second survey looks at businesses in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark) which have been identified as the most prepared countries regarding those “small reforms” needed for the “transcendental change” of open banking.
As is starting to become something of a habit, we have presented this data visually so that our readers can understand it more intuitively. This way, you won’t just instantly recognise the main points, but also see some additional information to help you understand the true meaning of certain figures, for example, explaining figures like $1.6 or 2 billion more clearly by putting them in context with other macroeconomic figures.
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