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The most effective way to change attitudes and behaviours is to do it in such a way that people do not even realise that it is happening. That way, we can avoid the problems described by the Russian novelist Fiódor Dostoyevski: “Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most”.

  As we have already seen many times on this blog, the transition towards open banking is an unstoppable force, but that does not mean that society is fully clued up about open banking. Many people still do not fully understand its potential use and others still have many questions and concerns. A new study carried out by Axway, which applies to many different markets, highlights the contradictions that are emerging as the banking sector evolves.

  As a result, it is certainly interesting to see that many consumers are moving towards this new paradigm without them even knowing it. They do not yet recognise that they are the protagonists, the early adopters. This brings to mind another quote, this time from Jean-Paul Sartre: “Nothing has changed and yet everything is different”. If this is how the customer perceives things, this might be because this evolution is happening so organically that it is almost unnoticeable.

  These and other points, such as the unstoppable growth of global investment in Fintechs, are what we cover in our latest infographic for GDS Modellica readers.
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