Unleashing Creativity in the Workplace: The Benefits of Low-Code for High-Core Origination

GDS Modellica
One of the keys differentiating GDS Modellica‘s features and decisive factors in its success is its firm commitment to the low-code phenomenon, as the hallmark of a mentality committed to innovation and convinced that “less is more”. The adoption of low-code is for our firm much more than a question of saving costs and time: it is the conviction that it is an unrivalled basis for unleashing the creative potential of our professionals, technicians or otherwise, allowing them to design and develop digital solutions easily and quickly.

This potential is evident, for example, in one of our core activities, “bank origination”, understood as the process of assessing, approving and disbursing loans to customers. The introduction of low-code practices has had and continues to have some advantages that set us apart from the market:

  1. By allowing us to reduce the development time of tools and applications, it has made us faster and more efficient, enabling us to have shorter lead times and greater options to diversify and expand the range of solutions.

  2. By giving us more room to customise the solutions we provide to our customers and design applications tailored to the specific needs of our second-tier customers, e. the consumers of the products in our market, we have gained greater flexibility and control over the solutions we offer.

  3. By enabling us to identify improvements in the end customer experience in the financial and banking domain, it has resulted in higher customer satisfaction and greater loyalty to the brands that provide this opportunity.

  4. By inviting us daily to think about efficiency, process automation, and reducing errors in the origination process to keep us focused on continuous improvement and optimisation of our workflows.

  5. By allowing us to expose cost-reducing routes, whether it is in the development of solutions or their maintenance, it empowers us to optimise our costs and maximise our resources.

In addition to these advantages, we also have less dependence on technical personnel. This leads to an increased corporate capacity to design more holistic and strategic solutions, as well as greater flexibility as a team. This flexibility multiplies our ability to stay aware of the needs that arise at all times in the relations between our clients and their end market.

As we firmly believe in the growing popularity of this technology, we have decided to create a dedicated space for it on our website. To showcase this, we have utilised a classic format from GDS Modellica: Infographics. This is the essence of the low-code business and a testament to the idea that “less is more”.
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